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Now is the time to get serious about your yoga practice

A yoga mentorship program that takes you to the spiritual heart of the practice

Integrated approach

Online 1:2:1 private sessions designed for your personal needs to help you navigate your yoga journey and improve your asana technique and teaching skills.

Develop a Spiritual Practice

Deepen your understanding of Yoga Philosophy. Find your 'inner' dharma. Release your voice and authentic self. Begin a spiritual practice.

Personal attention

Get fresh eyes on your asana practice. Receive personal attention with someone who can help you become the yoga teacher you want to be.


‘Mentorship’ has a long history in the yoga world. The Guru/Disciple relationship has been around since Vedic times. While I’m not making any claims to be your Guru, it can be difficult to find a teacher you like who will take you under her wing. I will give you that ‘special attention’ that you need for your personal growth as a student and teacher of yoga.


I often meet practitioners who yearn for a spiritual path, a meaningful yoga practice and an authentic life. Young teachers often lack confidence and feel like they’re swimming in uncharted waters. Maybe you’ve just finished a Yoga Teacher Training and not sure what to do next? You’ve spent time and money on trainings and workshops, but still have questions and want to refine a few things? It can be challenging to find a balanced lifestyle teaching yoga where you’re paid what you’re worth.


You need someone who is doing what you want to do. And who can help you achieve your goals to become the kind of teacher you want to be with the career you’d like to have. During the introspective time of the Covid pandemic (and cancellation of my ‘live’ yoga projects), I’ve decided to offer bespoke mentorship program, online, to suit your needs. I’ll give you ‘special attention’ to find your voice, step into your power and become an extraordinary yoga teacher.

Is Mentorship for you?

If you want to deepen your personal and sacred journey in the study of yoga or expand your business, mentorship is the best way. If you’re a yoga teacher who wants to improve your teaching skills or need direction to build your career, or are practitioner who wants advice on asana technique, then mentorship is for you. We’ll have an initial conversation to determine your needs, or goals, and create a bespoke program just for you. You will feel empowered to further your short- and long-term goals. There is a gulag of information out there, but no one tells you what to do.

How does it work?
  • 1:2:1 personal guidance with Heather catered to your needs
  • Honest feedback on your ideas and intentions that will impact your practice and teaching
  • Email support between calls
  • Private Facebook group to share your experiences and connect with a yoga community
  • Discounts on future retreats or trainings with Heather Elton
  • Lifetime membership
  • Lifetime access to a Yoga Teachers library with a wealth of information – pdfs, podcasts, videos and practice sheets


We’ll have an initial conversation – 1:2:1 live streaming online – where I’ll hear about your heart’s desire. We’ll create a program designed for you based on the number of sessions you choose. Mentorship subjects can cover all 8 limbs of yoga including the Business of Yoga and advice on your career. In terms of asana, it can be a mix of online classes and assignments where you’ll send videos and I’ll provide a breath-by-breath, detailed analysis, that points out your strengths, where you could improve, and helps you grow in your personal your practice. If you’re not happy with the results, full refund. No questions asked.

The Benefits

Refine your skills as a Practitioner:

  • Develop a skilful and varied asana practice as the starting place for an authentic yogic inquiry and spiritual practice
  • Gain confidence in your practice and teaching
  • Deepen your knowledge about the history of Yoga Philosophy and Practice
  • Enhance pranayama, pratyahara and meditation techniques to explore the ‘inner limbs’ of yoga.
  • Improve your Asana Technique under the guidance of an experienced teacher
  • Develop precise alignment principles and technique to avoid injury.
  • Nourish yourself by integrating restorative yoga techniques into your practice
  • Learn more about Tantra and the Subtle Energy Body
  • Commit to Self-Practice and Self-Care


Refine your skills as a Teacher:

  • Align with your true self and find your voice as a teacher
  • Discover your strengths and find your teaching style, or niche, in a crowded yoga world
  • Create videos of your practice or teaching and receive detailed feedback on specific areas for improvement
  • Learn how the teach privately and for public classes, workshops and retreats
  • Practice teaching using video to develop thematic classes and workshops
  • Create interesting sequences and integrate yogic philosophy in your teachings
  • Learn how to modify and teach specific asanas in a way that is accessible, sustainable and transformational
  • Brush up on your Verbal Cues and teaching Demonstrations
  • Create transformational workshops and retreats
  • Touch the lives of your students with personal style, grace, and precision, in a way that nourishes both of you
  • Improve your website, yoga videos and online teaching skills
  • Get advice about budgeting and curriculum for a yoga retreat
  • Make Yoga your Business and increase your income from doing what you love
Who is Heather Elton?

I’ve practiced Modern Postural Yoga since 1986 and have taught yoga full-time, in public classes and privately, in London since 2004. A few private clients have been in my care for sixteen years, so I’m ideally suited to private mentorship. I’ve taught 21 Yoga Teacher Training programs, and as many international yoga retreats and workshops. I take people on spiritual tours in the Himalayas – Bhutan, Nepal and India – where we practice and study yoga philosophy ‘On the Road’ within the cultural context of living Tantra. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience about yoga. I have the ideal ‘blessed’ yoga life. And I’m deeply grateful for the richness and texture of my life. I can help you find your true dharma. At the very least, I can help you find Sanity in your life and a yoga practice that will sustain it.

For a detailed bio check out the About page.

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What I Believe
  • Yoga is an ancient science that uses the body and breath to penetrate the mind and liberate us from suffering. Yoga is the path to enlightenment – Moksha.
  • While there are many different authentic paths of Hatha yoga, we believe that they merge into ONE essential teaching that uses the body and the breath to liberate ourselves from suffering.
  • Asana gives you freedom physically from illness and disease.
  • Pranayama frees you from your regular breath and makes the pranic body vibrant and subtle.
  • Meditation prepares an unstable and distracted mind for the inner limbs of yoga.
  • I aim to give you the highest skills possible to teach and reveal the spiritual path underlying the practice so you can glimpse your true nature – Purusha (pure consciousness.)
  • It’s important to be ‘real’ and live the yogic reality – and to take the practice off the mat, integrate the knowledge into your life and share it with others.
  • Teaching yoga should not be just a career move. It should be a sincere calling deep within your heart. It requires dedication, discipline and years of continuous practice. You must also have a true desire to serve others in order to communicate to your students the true essence of yoga. Finding your ‘inner’ dharma and establishing yourself as a teacher is a journey of many steps nurtured by your own practice. Know your heart’s desire, find your voice, step into your power and become the extraordinary yoga teacher you’re meant to be.
What People Say

"Heather’s wealth of knowledge brings us deep..."

“Heather’s main strong points: wealth of knowledge; bringing us deep; not afraid of whatever emotion might come up. Thank you very much for that. I cannot imagine many teachers who I would have dared to go in the trauma of my lower back by exploring backbends. I recommend this if: you’re looking for a journey inwards and confrontation with self; love precise alignment and eager to learn about props; love for finding your own yoga voice.” – Houkje Berger

"Heather's always present, encouraging and dedicated..."

“It is amazing how skilfully Heather can tailor a program to the individual needs of the students. She is always present, encouraging and dedicated to imparting not only asana techniques but, more importantly, the philosophy of yoga and how to bring yoga off the mat. Highly recommend.” – Raffaella Resta Diana

"Heather's teaching stands out from the fray..."

“Heather’s teaching stands out from the fray. What is particularly inspiring is her ability to speak with authority and hold a very firm class, whilst teaching spiritual wisdom in a way which says “I’m still getting my head around this too”. It is refreshing for a teacher to teach non-dualism in yoga whilst not sitting on a cloud. A spiritual polymath, Heather is able to draw on an enormous range of secular and spiritual sources to demonstrate the union of wisdom teachings, from Gandhi to Tagore, from Nagarjuna to something she read in the paper last week.” – Jonathan Ekstrom

"A more conscious practice to become a better human being..."

“Heather’s teachings, profound knowledge and the precise details of asana technique, have given me a more conscious practice to become a better human being, which is always my ultimate goal.” – Flavia Ambrosetti

"More knowledge, understanding and growth than I could have imagined..."

“Thank you for inspiring me to see a world beyond my limitations. I’m truly grateful that I can walk away with more knowledge, understanding and growth than I could have imagined. I’m ready to embark on a new path, personal and professional, with deep spiritual growth and the willingness to let go of old habits.” – Brittany Kimmet

"Heather is wise, supportive, hands-on and extremely knowledgeable..."

“Heather is a wonderful teacher and inspiration. She encompasses everything one could want from a teacher and sheds light on all the important aspects and fragments of a sustainable and nourishing yoga practice and teaching technique. She is wise, supportive, kind, hands-on, straightforward and extremely knowledgeable. I especially loved her complex examination of each asana backed by her deep understanding of movement, anatomy and philosophy in one…Thank you, Heather, from the bottom of my heart.” – Andrea Vytlačilová

"Heather is wonderful, a true teacher..."

“Heather is wonderful, she’s honest and disciplined – devoted to yoga. She has continued to support me providing advice on how to sequence a series of classes and how to grow business ideas into reality. She’s dedicated to her student’s success after the training – a true teacher.” – Laura Beckett

"A profound experience that left me deeply contented..."

“Heather is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher who guides people through their own experience of being challenged by yoga and the growth in awareness that accompanies the journey. Heather provides a safe and nurturing environment geared to the individual’s pace of learning and development. It was a profound experience and left me feeling more confident in my yoga practice and deeply contented.” – Ellie Roberts

Your Investment


Individual sessions:

90 minutes – £100

60 minutes – £75

30 minutes – £50


Mentorship Packages:

3 x 60 minute sessions – £200

6 x 60 minute sessions – £350

If due to Covid, you are experiencing financial difficulty, but Mentorship with me is important to you (and especially if you are a past student), please let me know.

Contact me to start your Yoga Mentorship program now

Yogas citta vrtti nirodha

Yoga is the cessation of thought in consciousness.  

– Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, 1.2