London Yoga Workshops

Yoga Practice Among Indian Sādhus

with Daniela Bevilacqua


Sun 23 Sept 2018 | West London Buddhist Centre

London Yoga Workshops: Yoga Practice Among Indian Sādhus


Sunday 23rd September 2018

2:00pm – 4:00pm


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DANIELA BEVILACQUA presents an historical and ethnographic perspective of yoga practice among Indian sādhus. She brings us close to modern ascetic practitioners of Yoga sādhanā. She provides basic historical information about the link between asceticism and Yoga, describe the main traditional Hindu orders connected to it (namely Nāth, Naga Daśanāmī, Rāmānandī, Rāmānuja and Udāsīn), revealings aspects of their life, as well as focusing on the practice of Yoga: What does Yoga mean to sādhus? And what is Hatha Yoga? What is the role of āsanas in their practice?

Videos and photographs collected during 18 months of fieldwork in India, as part of her research for the SOAS Hatha Yoga Project and her upcoming book,  will help in this fascinating immersion in the sādhus’ world.

Indian asceticism has a high number of orders and sub-orders whose inner features depend on the practiced sādhanā (religious discipline). Sādhanās are equally as diverse vary according to the importance given to devotional practices, to the external world and to the body as means to release the soul (to get moksha) or to obtain the grace of God.

For more information about Daniela, visit our Yoga Teacher Training Faculty page.


West London Buddhist Centre
Royal Oak House
45a Porchester Road
London W2 5DP

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