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Yoga Teacher Training

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Our Yoga Teacher Training programs are designed to take you to the spiritual heart of the practice 

Level 1 (200+ hours), Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance Professionals UK accreditation

We aim to give you the highest skills possible to teach and reveal the spiritual path underlying the practice so you can glimpse your true nature: Purusha (pure consciousness). We want you to live the yogic reality: to take the practice off the mat, integrate the knowledge into your life and share it with others.

Yoga is the path to enlightenment: Moksha. While there are many different authentic paths of Hatha yoga, we believe that they merge into one essential teaching that uses the body and the breath to liberate ourselves from suffering.

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Nepal Yoga Teacher Training with Heather Elton

Nepal Teacher Training

17 Mar – 14 Apr 2018

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London Yoga Teacher Training with Heather Elton

London Teacher Training

15 Sep 2018 – 27 Jan 2019

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Himalayan Yoga Adventures

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Our Himalayan Yoga Adventures take you on a journey of devotion to understand the true purpose of yoga

India and Nepal’s rich spiritual legacy has inspired us to create spiritual tours to provide you with an opportunity to delve deeper into yoga, understand the essence of the Deity – both from a Buddhist and Hindu perspective – and bring you closer to your own inner guru.

Our Himalayan Yoga Adventures take you through divine landscapes to sacred sites where you will hear stories of the great yogis, observe ancient rituals and contemporary practices, smell the burning camphor and incense, hear divine chanting, recite mantras and spin prayer wheels, encounter devas and dakinis, sit with yogis and receive teachings from spiritual masters.


Himalayan Yoga Adventure in Nepal

20 – 30 Apr 2018

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Himalayan Yoga Adventure in Bhutan

Dates to be confirmed

Coming soon

Yoga Retreats

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Our yoga retreats integrate ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary psychology into a mindful practice to diminish suffering in your life

A yoga retreat may be the best vacation you’ll ever have. Why? Because it’s a holiday with purpose. Sure, you’ll still catch a few rays, explore some cultural sites, have a few drinks, meet intriguing people, but all this will seem even better after a yoga class.

Everything seems more profound because you exist in a heightened state of awareness. A dip in the pool feels different after yoga. The organic food is even tastier. The sunset more saturated; the rays more cosmic.

Yoga retreats are an excellent way to travel alone, yet feel safe with the support of a group of like-minded individuals. You can be a yogi and still have fun! A yoga retreat is a holiday to last a lifetime.

Heather has taught yoga retreats in spectacular places for over a decade, from beaches in Goa and Thailand, the jungles of Sri Lanka and Costa Rica, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Sierra Nevada in Andalucia, and chic venues in Europe – from Crete and Puglia to France, Spain and Turkey.


Yoga Retreat in Sicily

Dates to be confirmed

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Private Tuition

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Booking a private yoga class with Heather allows you to progress at your own pace while being guided on your yoga path with great precision. It gives you confidence to attend a yoga class, or develop the discipline, commitment and wisdom necessary to do your own practice.

If you’re new to yoga, are suffering from any mental, emotional or physical conditions, or you’d like to make better friends with your body, private yoga tuition can really help.


Private Classes with Heather

Private yoga tuition in London

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Who is Heather Elton?

Find out more about my background, experience and approach to the practice, as well as my teaching qualifications.

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