Tibetans refer to India as the ‘Land of the Sublime Ones.’ The entire country is a sacred landscape, a vast body cosmos where certain areas are believed to have sources of divine power. Whether they’re hidden in high Himalayan mountain passes, the relics of a saint, in the divine plan of Dravidian architecture in Tamil Nadu, or the eyes of a wandering sadhu, ancient places mentioned in the yoga texts as far back as the Rig Veda, still exist today.


These are places of great legends that have been worshiped for centuries, by pilgrims who come to be purified and closer to the divine. In the Hindu world, these power places are called tirthas, meaning ford or crossing, in which you can cross over from ordinary reality to other dimensions.


In his book, Travels through Sacred India, Roger Housden describes a sacred place as “one that is graced with the presence of unconditional being; where the unfettered domain of the gods makes itself known in the finite world.”


India and Nepal’s rich spiritual legacy has inspired us to create Yoga Philosophy On the Road’ tours that explore the intersection of classical Indian thought and Vajrayana Buddhism, specifically, where they intersect with the Tantric world that laid down the fertile soil for Hatha Yoga to emerge. Yoga philosophy can be challenging even for the brightest adept. It’s only because of my extensive travels through India that yogic philosophy has taken root in my practice.


The Yoga Tours give you the opportunity to study yoga in temples and monasteries, surrounded by stone carvings, sculpture and spiritual art to gain a deeper understanding of its true purpose. The entire journey is an act of devotion – a sadhana. When you walk into a temple, under a towering Gopuram through the outer courtyards to the inner sanctum, you’ll understand that the sophisticated design is actually a metaphor of the spiritual journey, one in which you move towards the center of your own being. It is one of ‘interiorisation,’ a passage from the physical level of existence, thru the subtle realms of being, to the bliss body of the inner sanctum, where you come face to face with the Deity. Darshan. It’s the act of ‘seeing and being seen.’ This is the essence of the experience we would like you to have. You’ll have the opportunity to make your own psychological/spiritual crossing, from this world of mundane reality towards your own inner sanctum, under the expert guidance of our teachers.

Our Spiritual Tours take you through divine landscapes to sacred sites where you will hear stories of the great yogis,

observe ancient rituals and contemporary practices, smell the burning camphor and incense, hear divine chanting, recite

mantras and spin prayer wheels, encounter devas and dakinis, sit with yogis and receive teachings from spiritual masters.

Whether this takes place in a Dravidian temple, or a remote Buddhist monastery with painted murals dating back 800 years, or by spinning Tibetan prayer wheels and walking the ritual Kora in Dharamsala or Boudhanath in Nepal, or circumambulating Arunachala, the Holy Mountain, in Tiruvannamalai, or sitting in a cave where Padmasambhava attained enlightenment – all of these experiences will provide you an opportunity to delve deeper into yoga, understand the essence of the Deity – both from a Buddhist and Hindu perspective – and bring you closer to your own inner guru.



April 20 – 30, 2018

B O O K   N O W


As long as space endures,
As long as sentient beings exist,
So long may I, too, remain,
To dispel the miseries of this world.
– Shantideva

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