Adjustments & Props Workshop in the UK


Dates: November 13 – 15, 2015


Venue: Nettlecombe Farm, Isle of Wight


Main Villa: £175 for the entire workshop, or £40 for each 3.5 hour session

Who Should Come?

This workshop is ideal for intermediate yoga practitioners and yoga teachers who want more training with safe adjustments and use of props in the practice. You don’t need to be a teacher to attend but you should have a minimum of three years practice.


What You Will Learn?

Learn how to use simple, effective adjustments and props when teaching on retreats, classes or private clients. The techniques will include traditional adjustments for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and BKS Iyengar principles, taking into account common injuries and alignment problems, based on what is going on in the body and mind of the practitioner. We will study Basic Alignment, Forward Bends, Hip Rotation (Internal and External), Backbends, Inversions and some restorative postures.


Learn to observe and see what’s going on in the body. Learn to touch your student in a way that they trust you. Lead them safely and deeper into the posture with the breath so there is no strain, or discomfort, in the pose. Don’t injure your students. Help them not to practice harmful alignments or injure themselves due to striving and lack of awareness.


This is a ‘hands on’ workshop where you will get to adjust others and receive adjustments in each pose. Get real experience so you can apply it your practice and teaching. By understanding a few essential concepts, your own yoga practice will make more sense and you’ll be able to progress effortlessly.



NOV 13 | 17:35 – 21:00 – Forward Bends
NOV 14 | 9 – 12:30 – Internal rotation of Hips
NOV 14 | 14:00 – 17:30 – External rotation of Hips
NOV 15 | 9 – 12:30 – Backbends
NOV 15 | 14:00 – 17:30 – Inversions


For further information, contact either:

Heather Elton: info@eltonyoga.com | 07714328055
Kali Pearce: truessencefit@gmail.com |


From London, take the train to either Portsmouth Harbour and get the passenger ferry to Ryde (it’s right in the train station). Or to Southampton Central where there is a free bus that runs straight to the redjet ferry terminal (just 10 mins away by bus or 20 min by foot). On arrival, take a taxi to Nettlecombe Farm.

By car, head for Portsmouth Wightlink ferries or Southampton Redfunnel ferries and bring your car over if you to be able to drive around the island and see the sights. It is better to book ahead with those as they get more expensive the later you leave it.


Staying on Isle of Wight

We can arrange accommodation or you can book your own. Check out the cottages of Nettlecombe Farm, http://www.nettlecombefarm.co.uk

Or here is a local B&B for £60 / single or £70 / shared, with breakfast included. http://www.kingsmede.co.uk/our-rooms.html

The Buddle Inn is a great place to eat. http://www.buddleinn.co.uk

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